Kassidy Barnett, LMSW

My desire and passion to work with individuals with eating disorders has guided me to my career in social work. I believe eating disorders often develop due to an uncertainty and unawareness of how our relationships with others and self impact many facets of our lives. These range from our perceptions of life events, to how we treat ourselves, our ability to grow in healthy ways, and our ability to create confidence within ourselves internally. I utilize therapeutic interventions from interpersonal and systemic theories to empower individuals to grow to love and appreciate his, her or themselves for who they are and not who they think they should be. I attend to mindfulness based practices to help heal unrealized anxiety around systemic pressures in life.

I believe that by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and open to looking deeper within ourselves and into our experiences, we can cultivate a relationship with food and our bodies that is well. I view myself as a trusted, safe and nonjudgemental support to walk alongside you on your journey to uncovering your more authentic self.

I am a fully licensed clinical social worker and I have experience working with families, adolescents and children in home based, school based and outpatient treatment settings.